refresh. refresh. refresh.

This summer I really focused on updating and refreshing Luna Pines.  I got the new website up and running (what do you think??), honed in on some new designs, and let go of some things that just didn't seem to be working for me.  I'm really happy with how it all worked out! 

Now with the autumn setting in and the holiday season on the horizon, I've focused in EVEN MORE to bring you some upgraded materials and even more new designs. 

I'm excited to offer a lot more styles on sterling silver, gold, and rose gold filled chains, more rings, and more unique crystals and stones. Moldavite anyone?? 

I haven't given up on my print works either! I'll have some freshly printed birthstone cards and some more handprinted greeting cards available soon. Keep checking back for updates, jump on my mailing list, or follow me on Instagram to stay up to date! 

Luna Pines