I create modern crystal jewelry designed for intentional living. My work mixes minimalist design elements with a childlike fascination for nature. 

Mother Nature has always been my number one source of inspiration.  I love the organized chaos she creates! To me, crystals are the epitome of natural forms and don't need much help expressing their beauty.  When I’m creating, I like to keep my designs simple so the focus is on the natural stone. I find that less is more and that the pieces are most successful when they accent the natural beauty of the stones. 

Luna Pines started in 2012 in my parent's basement. I had just moved home from Mexico where I was studying printmaking and I wasn't really sure what was next. I had found some amazing crystals and stones at a local flea market and I just started making necklaces with them...

I still design and create all Luna Pines products in my home studio. Luckily, I'm out of my parent's basement and working in a spare bedroom of my own home in Clinton, MA. I strive to be an eco-friendly resource for high quality jewelry designed with modern people in mind. My designs lend themselves to be worn casually, but are clean enough to wear for work too.